A City Inside Out - Los Angeles

William H. Morgan

‘A City Inside Out - Los Angeles’ is a photographic study of the city’s connection to nature. By exploring the architecture, urban design, coastline, public spaces, national parks and surrounding landscape, the project demonstrates how we can search for and incorporate elements of nature within the built environment. The global pandemic further proved the importance of green open space for the welfare of society and if we look in the right places, we can find and appreciate elements of nature, day to day, in any city around the world. William was drawn to the idea of exploring this city which is not often associated with nature, focusing his photographic eye on a different side to this particular urban landscape.

Artist biography

William Morgan is a Welsh photographer living in Brighton. He studied a Degree in Photography at the University of South Wales with a focus on the history of documentary and architectural photography.
William has an interest in the diverse ways we live and coexist around the world from rural and remote to inner city life. Whether creating a photographic study of a building or the study of a city as a whole, his work often explores the relationship between humans and nature. His carefully planned and meticulously crafted photographs form a visual narrative of human and social activity within urban and natural landscapes.


The Regency Town House
13 Brunswick Square

24–29 October

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