Welcome to Photo Fringe 2022

“The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is – it is to imagine what is possible.” bell hooks

Photo Fringe is an open platform, allowing all photographic artists the opportunity to share their work. Costs are shared so that collectively we can produce a high-quality event that welcomes everyone.

Real Utopias is a call to action for exhibitors and audiences to explore how photography can help us imagine a brighter, greener, fairer world. Real utopias exist on the periphery of the mainstream, demonstrating what could be possible. They take the here and now as a starting point for dreaming and visualising a better future.

For our tenth biennial photography festival, in a time of extraordinary uncertainty and change, we’ve invited artists to experiment with us and the inspiring results can be viewed both online and in-venue.

If you enjoy our exhibitions please become a Photo Fringe Friend or donate here. Even small amounts help artists to share their work and connect with peers and audiences.

Real Utopias - Photo Fringe 2022

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Photo Fringe 2022 Judging Panels

Thank you to all our judges for their great selections