A slow creeping

Thomas & Maloney

This collaborative exhibition is a culmination of the experimental photographic and moving image work of Thomas & Maloney. It responds in part to the artists’ joint interest in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ (1890). This gothic tale recounts the experience of a woman struggling with her mental health after being locked away in a attic room following the birth of her child. In the confines of the room she begins to unravel psychologically, becoming obsessed with the idea of another woman trapped and creeping within the layers of the paper.

These ideas of ‘creeping’ and layers, and of a claustrophobic repetition in a suffocating domestic space, will resonate with many in the aftermath of the pandemic. During successive lockdowns, everyone had to adapt how they worked, lived, socialised and related to one another. For Thomas & Maloney this exhibition acts as both an exorcism and a celebration of their lockdown experiences - it’s a work in progress and a space of their own to explore and share… a slow creeping!

Artist biography

Since their first show 'Remember what binds you' in 2020, Thomas & Maloney have continued to collaborate, to inspire and support each other. This has allowed an evolution of both their individual artistic practices and their collaborative projects in an organic and uninhibited way. The pandemic forced them to be more introspective, to push boundaries and adapt their working methods together. It led to further dialogue and collaboration that would not have developed were it not for such unusual circumstances. They are excited to be back for Photo Fringe 2022 with a new work in progress 'a slow creeping'.


Metropolis Contemporary Art Gallery
170 Edward Street
Brighton and Hove

5–29 October

Tuesday 10:00–17:00
Wednesday 10:00–17:00
Thursday 10:00–17:00
Friday 10:00–17:00
Saturday 10:00–17:00
Sunday 11:00–16:00