Adam Brown / Buncefield

Calibration is an attempt to photograph pure reflected light, and trace the fields of colour and tone through which we move. Making images of a spherical probe while walking, Brown records the light falling within the environment, rather than the objects on which the light falls.

The show is in two parts: an event in the streets on in which Adam will walk Brighton’s streets capturing environment and light using a camera and a spherical probe, and an exhibition online in the forum Mozilla Hubs, in which new images and combinations of images are generated as the show develops.

Artist biography

Adam Brown is senior lecturer in Photography and Imaging at London South Bank University, and works with the sculptural and performative aspects of photography. His projects - including award winning collaborations with architects, games designers - have all played with photography as a practice that requires the viewer to do something, and the way in which technology changes behaviour. He also writes and publishes on the socio-economic impact of technological change and urban development, and the way cities turn into images and vice versa.



6–30 October