Everything is the same, but different.

John Fowler

These postmodern street photography images were shot during 2020/1 on film with no cropping and have been scanned and processed with post-production software. This was a period peppered with varying degrees of lockdowns and social-distancing rules that added extra dimensions to and various restraints on street photography.

I hope these images convey some of the surreal strangeness of the parallel universe with its existential threat of death I felt I was living in during this period. I think I will need more distance and perspective to process the effect the looming shadows of this time had on me, but I do feel that making images played a part in guiding me through it.

I’m happy to report that my film processing lab of choice was able to survive this time by using its postal service.

Artist biography

BA (Hons) Fine Art (painting) degree, Canterbury College of Art.

Worked for 15 years in the print industry as a designer/artworker/illustrator.

Previous exhibitor with The Brighton Photo Fringe both digitally and physically.

Featured in The British Journal of Photography's book 'A Portrait of Britain, Volume 2’.

Received attention from the world's oldest weekly photography magazine 'Amateur Photographer' for his Photo Fringe 2020 exhibition who featured it as one of their top ten highlights.