‘Family Seat’ and ‘Corrupted Files’

Andy Lloyd

My parents-in-law passed away during the pandemic lockdowns leaving their former council house in Brighton. A home that had been in the family since before the second world war. A home of warmth and colour shaped by decades of make-do-and-mend, jobs kept in-house. It saw the raising of five children, a time capsule of memories which brought us to tears when it had to be cleared; it was our place of security and sanctuary. The home is being gutted, and that’s where we feel it. These black and white images strip a colourful home bare.

In the second series, 'Corrupted Files', the digital files were incomplete. This made me look at photographs as a trace of a memory and how the imagination can sometimes fill in the gaps. The series heightened my memory through the frustration of an incomplete picture and made me realise that what was important was the interaction with the now deceased subject, the real utopian moment.

Artist biography

I’m a Photographer based in Brighton part way through an MA at the University of Brighton. I have developed an interested in the idea of photography as a form of therapy, initially as someone diagnosed as Bipolar and now with other work.
Brighton Photo Fringe 2020 'Like an Iris' Iris Photography Collective, online and Dukes Lanes pop up 23, Brighton, Autumn 2020.
Exhibition with Iris Photography Collective 'In a Silent Way', Regency Town House, Brunswick Sq Hove, September 2021.
Royal Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition 163 Bristol 'Family Seat’, Summer 2022.