Flesh, Teardrop of Crying Hair

Alice Campos

A fascination with romanticizing human encounters by staging fictitious scenarios. Capturing the immaterial nostalgic touch and impermanent human presence, in the forms of dancing and fleeting golden light on wrinkled skin. The blushes of purple flesh, curled wet porous hair and softened eyelashes resting on silver nitrate riddled cheeks. I tinker these staged scenarios with alchemical formulas and organic handmade photographic developers. Through distilling these moments with handmade Rosemary developers, these photographs investigate a spiritual life cycle of a death and rebirth of resin-eating Mushrooms and recycled photographic paper. The material and immaterial are married, existing through the physical discoloration of the photographic prints and the fantastical molecular regenerated entities and energies of recycled Resin and Silver Nitrate, bringing the buried captured moments into the other realm existing for our eyes.

Artist biography

Alice Campos is a British artist (b.1998), based in South East London, she graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2019 holding a First Class Degree in BA (hons) Fine Art.

Bouncing between sustainability within the darkroom, fictitious romanticism, scientific molecular technology and spiritual energies, her current research considers ideas of an artist's fantasy, factual nature and phantastical spirituality.