For the Veil, Within the Veil, Without the Veil


Sometimes interactive and other times static, For the Veil, Within the Veil, Without the Veil is an exhibition attempting to navigate a familiar yet fine line between danger and beauty.

Presented through underwater photography, installation, local (marine) woods and glass works, the show brings in different states of water, as well as personal everyday elements such as hair and domestic objects, to investigate the ever evolving and ephemeral human condition. By choosing to work into glass accessible items of the everyday, viewers are invited to question the complexities of domestic, sometimes even violent human experiences; helping to straddle a conversation between that which is personal and that which is public.

In this activated field of autobiographical installation, underwater photography, glass art and spatial socio-politics, Estabrak’s works attempt to question why it’s ultimately we who govern each others behaviour when all that we can ever be in control of is ourselves.

Please note there is an artwork in this exhibition that cannot be photographed/filmed under any circumstances and by entering the exhibition space you agree to respect the rules of engagement as outlined by the artist and on display in the gallery.
Thank you for your understanding, ONCA Gallery

Artist biography

A collector of skills, Estabrak is an award winning cross-disciplinary artist, film maker, facilitator and researcher committed to experimentation, inclusivity and an evolving participatory arts practice.

Named one of “five incredible underwater artists” by the BBC, her works often explore the intersections between human behaviour, water and our environments; centering racial, social, humanitarian and climate justice. Rooting lived experience, she focuses on themes of love, trauma and belonging, whilst inviting community engagement to navigate the ever evolving and ephemeral human condition.


14 St George's Place

13–30 October

Wednesday 13:00–18:00
Thursday 13:00–18:00
Friday 13:00–18:00
Saturday 13:00–16:00