In the Dark

Phoebe Wingrove

In 2021, Phoebe Wingrove was diagnosed with HPV and developed abnormal cells, when she received her results of having CIN 2, she felt the need to make images to make sense of the experience. After some initial research and understanding of this pathology, Wingrove learned that her close friend also went through the same process. Medical history has demonstrated that women’s bodies have been repeatedly overlooked and wrongly diagnosed. Incited by this lack of universal awareness, this ongoing series aims to ethically visualise sickness and make viewers aware of the emotional and mental strain caused by them.

The exhibition In the Dark showcases abstracted images of the artist and artist’s friend's HPV experience.

In the Dark is curated by Ricardo Reverón Blanco as part of Shots at Gallery Lock In.

Artist biography

Phoebe Wingrove (b.1996) is an artist using photography to ethically visualise and raise awareness of illness. Her work is often a conduit to better understand her health experiences and the ones of her female friends and family. She currently lives and works in England.

Ricardo Reverón Blanco (b. 1995) is an author, curator and art critic. He is Assistant Curator at Photoworks and the co-founder of UnderExposed, a photography platform and collective dedicated to encouraging artistic collaboration. He currently lives and works in England.


Gallery Lock In
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18–22 October

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