Joy Bews-Pick, Ellie Pike

Komorebi is a show by Artist duo Joy Bews-Pick and Ellie Pike that takes the audience on a journey of encounter and reflection, coming together to explore their joint passions towards climate awareness and adoration of the natural world. The exhibition is a delicately curated selection of works, that collaborate in harmony to explore the intimate relationships that we each have with the natural world, wherever we may be.

Open weekdays 9am-3pm, plus Saturday 29 October 11am-5pm

A View of London Green (2022)
Joy Bews-Pick

A visual exploration of the experience within the urban forest, examining the juxtaposition of natural beauty with urban environments. The images work to present the tree as a fragmented entity, directly referencing the fragmentation of Urban Forests across our cities and towns. All images in the series were hand printed in the colour darkroom.

Unearthing the Wild Self (2022)
Ellie Pike

‘Unearthing The Wild Self’ is a visual poetry, piecing together the experiences and discoveries as the body and self-engages with the natural world. The work is a journey of encounter and reflection, exploring the duality of outer physical experiences alongside an inner revealment, gently treading the line between real and surreal.

Cafe Gallery
The Hillcrest Centre
Bay Vue Road

6–28 October

Monday 09:00–15:00
Tuesday 09:00–15:00
Wednesday 09:00–15:00
Thursday 09:00–15:00
Friday 09:00–15:00