Le Ciel de Saison

Baudouin Mouanda

Koop Projects presents Le Ciel de Saison, a solo exhibition by Congolese artist Baudouin Mouanda curated by Averil Curci. This remarkable body of work questions reality with singularity, humour and humanity. By constructing striking mise en scène that speak of the catastrophic effects of flooding, Mouanda brings to light how deeply vulnerable Africa is to environmental degradation and extreme climatic events. Shot in natural light in a flooded basement against painted backdrops, the scenes are enacted with the help of Brazzaville locals, who pose alongside their personal items. The protagonists look calmly and directly into the photographer's camera, radiating a mixture of suffering, hardship and strength. Whether reproducing schools, street stalls or domestic spaces, Mouanda captures a surreal, protracted instant, and one that offers immense emotive and visual power—reflections abound, worlds are turned upside down.

Artist biography

Baudouin Mouanda was born in 1981 in Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo. He lives and works between Brazzaville and Paris. Since he began shooting in 1993, the artist has been portraying the joys and sorrows of his country with poetic and uncompromising vision. He has won multiple prizes including Roger-Pic Prize 2022, Singulart Awards 2022, Alliance Française and EFTI International Photography Competition 2020, Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, Blachère Foundation Prize and the Young talent prize from Bolloré Africa Logistics. His work is found in numerous collections and he has exhibited in international galleries, festivals and biennials.


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5 October–10 November

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