Like-am/a homage to Degas.

Rick Fullwood

Degas was an impressionist artist who created energetic and uplifting pastels of ballet dancers in blue in 1897. He used photography to understand their movements. I have created energetic, uplifting, random, impulsive photographic images of two of my passions: contemporary dance and flowers, with a splash of Morocco, somewhere I like. The collaged photographic images have then be digitally manipulated. The exhibition is free at Oxfam, 136 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2LA. Printed onto canvas and unframed.

Artist biography

Trained at Brighton University. Specialised in creative pictures of flowers he grew. Exhibited in Brighton, Hastings, London and Japan. Later work included plant/woman series which can be seen on the website. Participated in three Brighton open houses and appeared three times in the Brighton Artists book. This is the fourth involvement in the Brighton photo fringe. The work is a departure from organic pictures using film to more experimental work using digital manipulation.


Western Road

Monday 09:00–17:00
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Wednesday 09:00–17:00
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