Real Utopias

Jane Ross

Real Utopias asks us to explore how photography can help us visualise a greener, more equitable future. Inspiration for this series is taken from the American photographer, Joel Sternfield who has said ‘Some people consider Utopia to be derived from nature. For some people, Utopia is the city.’
Some of my black and white photographs of cities and the people who inhabit them have been layered with colour images of plants, flowers and traces of nature to reflect on our ambivalence towards the urban environment and ask whether utopias already exist in the here and now.

Artist biography

Jane Ross is London-based photographer, interested in discovering and documenting the overlooked, discarded and forgotten, and exploring how photography can help us capture memory, retrieve the past, and deal with loss. An interest in how we respond to, commemorate and relate to death informs much of her photographic practice.