Real Utopias

Hiatus Collective

Hiatus Collective is a group of 2020 Arts University Bournemouth BA (Hons) Photography graduates. The artists involved explore a range of conceptual approaches to contemporary photographic practice, pushing against the boundaries of photography as a medium through the expansion of its existing understanding.

'Test strips'
Anna Luk

Anna Luk’s practice explores the ontology of photography by pursuing qualities typically tethered to painting and sculpture. She works with the materiality and the ability of the medium to not only depict an external subject but also record the physical actions exerted on it. Each photograph is created in the darkroom using cameraless processes to distil the medium down to its fundamental elements of light, time, and light-sensitivity. Using a handmade ‘negative’, she combines the gestural mark making capabilities of painting with photography. Despite the increased recognition of its ‘expansion’, photography is typically perceived solely as a two-dimensional, indexical representation. Its material qualities and capacity to render visible the signs of its own making are often overlooked.

Dreams 2.0
Ben Parker

Ben Parker’s work in this project titled ‘Dreams’ focuses on creating cinematic style photos. Carefully planned and put together to visually represent his vivid dreams. Since he was young dreams have been a big part of his life, haunting him, entertaining him and also solving problems. The project took place during his Masters course where he found himself fascinated with the concept of making the photo rather than simply taking them. Coming from an oil painting background Ben learnt how to use photography in a similar fashion, composing the scene and lighting it in a picturesque way. By taking elements and narratives from his dreams, he uses colours which best represent his dream experience (often muted and unsaturated colours), which adds to the mysterious aesthetic of the final images. By researching dream theories in this project he began to unpack the visual language of his unconscious mind.

‘Women in Sport’
Lisa Doyle

Lisa Doyle is an award-winning Photographer, who specialises in Portraiture and Sports Photography. Doyle’s photographs not only aim to raise awareness to the problems faced by women in sport, but also show the passion and tenacity women have for their specialisms. This project is ongoing and aims to encourage women of all ages, skills levels and activities to participate in sport. Sport is for everyone. Selected photographs from ‘Women in Sport’ series.

Lucy Kane

My practice revolves primarily around the female body and the notion of the self within the photographic. While constructing non-figurative self-portraits, I test the possibilities of the photographic apparatus. The use of layered transparencies allows the viewer to peer into the image, while simultaneously denying the gaze through the lack of clear depictions. Performing as photographer and subject I take complete control over the representation of my body and the way in which is perceived.

Saffron Laishley

'Concepts' uses commonplace objects in a traditional still life setting to explore how mirrors can be used to broaden the context of the image. Several of the photographs in this series offer the viewer a different and sometimes confusing perspective, imparting a view behind the lens which reveals the unseen physical space. By contrast, others reveal the invisible methods of production, such as the structures used in the making of the image.

‘a love letter I never wrote’
Sam Megilley

‘a love letter I never wrote’ Is an on-going project, the body of work contains images made whilst reconnecting with my home, being away for a long period of time and seeing the ever-changing slowness of village life. As the project developed, I thought back to childhood memories and the people who were involved, these people that shaped part of the person I am today. So, I reached out based on our connection to the village and rekindled that childhood memory. time is a funny construct and when nostalgia kicks in, walk through it again.

‘Endemic – Living with Covid’
Sophie Phillips

Sophie Phillips is a photographer based in London. Predominantly working with portraiture, documentary and editorial photography. She strives to tell the true-life stories of others, bringing important, current topics to the foreground. Her passion for photography started when she was a young teen, and in the current years has grown a love for the analogue medium. Project ‘Endemic – Living with Covid’ explores the impact of the pandemic through the stories of others. Reflecting on positive and negative experiences, in our post pandemic world.

'Colour space'
Stani Vaseva

My practice departs from the camera’s inability to render the three-dimensional form. Using this as a starting point, my practice explores photography’s expanded field by challenging the seemingly 2D nature of the form. Through a process of layering and re-photographing, I use arbitrary objects, the body and/or the background surface as materials. The resulting photographs oscillate between the 3D and 2D - challenging visual perception.


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