Escaping Lockdown (Shanghai 2022)

Xiao Bao Luo

The more restricted your world, the more focused you become.

Locked at home and unable to leave the house for 62 days during the Lockdown in Shanghai 2022, I began to see potential in everyday objects for creativity and amusement.
I set myself a task to recreate famous images, but not just as has been done before, I set some strict perameters;
Every image should include a surgical mask.
Must use objects only found at home.
Must be shot in a single photo (no photoshop comping only colour adjustment).
Must be shot using a timer and I must press the shutter.
The result, a full series of 22 Images (for 2022)
2 for topical events that happened during the same period.
And a lot of comments on the amount of junk in my home.

Artist biography

Xiao Bao Luo (Little Paul) is the Chinese pseudonym of Small Paul a British creative director based in Shanghai, for the past 6 years. With a day job dictated by conservative marketing directors, Paul finds escape in art and the absurd.