The Timelapse - From Sight to Touch

Letizia Lopreiato

- As photography brought sense to the chaos.
It all then transformed from a journey of loss, into one of love … - Letizia Lopreiato

The Timelapse - From Sight to Touch is the latest result (2022) of socially inclusive visual poetry, created by installation artist Letizia Lopreiato.

This body of work which is being created between 2018 and 2022, depicts the healing journey of both the artist and of her mum, following the passing of the artist’s dad, and a series of traumatic events which followed. It is Lopreiato's way to bring justice to both stories, honoring through art the most transformative moment that trauma and grief presented to them; a journey which deserved to be narrated and shared as a story of self-empowerment in their identity as women. It tells the tale of how both the artist and her mother came home, home to themselves, and home to one another ... A story that embodies the transmutation of loss into the highest source not only of strength and courage for her, but above all of resilience and faith in life.

Artist biography

Letizia Lopreiato is a multilingual visual poet and installation artist based between Brighton and Dublin, working with 35mm photography, poetry, spoken word, and Super 8 film, to develop her social documentary practice, with an art-photography style. Magnum Photos Portfolio Review featured artist, she writes and performs her work in English, Italian and Spanish, which is part of the Office of Public Works Ireland State Art Collection, and it has been published and exhibited internationally. Letizia’s background is in International Relations and in her research for the application of technology towards eco-sustainability and social inclusion.


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