Reza Gazor

Varnosfaderan is a region in Khomeyni Shahr, Isfahan, which has a history of several thousand years and belongs to the Achaemenid and Sassanid eras. About the history of this region, Dr. Sirus Shafaghi has written in his book, Geography of Isfahan: "Some people have increased their population from the north to the central plateau, and new neighborhoods have emerged, so the first population centers of this region can be dated to pre-Islamic times." The area was also home to Zoroastrians and Jews, who, of course, are now far removed from that history except for the historical names of the various places and pasts that have been written about them. It is conceivable that the historical monuments of this region have an indirect implication for the very distant history of this place. Today's Varnosfaderan have taken on a different face due to historical developments and Iranians' familiarity with Islam and the arrival of Muslims in Iran.

Artist biography

Reza Gazor is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on artistic ideas.
Because of his great interest in photography, he uses this medium to express his ideas.