OPEN Eco: Alex Currie, Birling Gap, East Dean, 2014

Alex Currie is a photographer living in the Outer Hebrides. He has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe. His work is concerned with the societal and social implications of the built environment, documenting the often overlooked or ignored and how that impacts upon our psyche and everyday being. Research based, but often self-referential, his work aims to raise questions about the human condition in a post industrialised world.

Alex says: "Photography can make a difference to the climate crisis by highlighting, emoting and pulling no punches in drawing the viewer into a visual world that reflects the urgency and horror and reality of what is already upon us, and is possibly, but hopefully not, too late.

I am a photographer. I live in the Outer Hebrides. I am responding to my current environment. In the Outer Hebrides. I am learning Gaelic. I have just exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art. Slàinte. Cur is dlùth."

Alex Currie's website


Photo Fringe invited artists to propose a single image to engage audiences and help us imagine a greener, fairer world. Artists were asked to respond to the question “How can photography make a difference to the climate crisis?"

The resulting outdoor exhibition of selected images by twenty artists can be found on Worthing seafront until the end of April 2023.

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