OPEN Eco: Laurene Bois-Mariage, Little Ecological Fable - The Forest #1, 2022 (in progress)

Laurene Bois-Mariage's practice draws exclusively upon material from external sources such as stock photos, art reproductions, ads, archives or found objects; while investigating the boundaries between amateur, art and professional productions. Grounded in appropriation, Laurene's works playfully cite, borrow, sample, mix and blend from here and there.

Laurene says: "Thinking about ethical challenges and the limits of the sustainability of artistic production is at the heart of my current work. What I propose here is part of a project in progress to be titled Little Ecological Fable -The Forest.

Grounded in appropriation, Little Ecological Fable is about image-making and ecology. It browses representations of nature, looks on what it is to work in the creative field and in this of the land, and scans agrarian metaphors used within the former such as compression, grain, broadcasting, mine, extract, farm…

At this stage Little Ecological Fable is a corpus of harvested pictures, images, quotes, edits and mock-ups that has not found definite shape yet.

Laurene Bois-Mariage is a visual artist originating from France, living and actively working across both Estonia and Finland. She developed a protean artistic practice through photography, digital and installation arts. Her main inclinations lie in how historical and media-driven changes in image-making affect our understanding of the relationship between image and reality. With a particular interest in photography, Laurene often aims to point out both the medium´s specificity and hybridity, as well as to observe where digital and analog spheres overlap.