OPEN Eco: Scott Stevens, Steadfast, 2022

Scott Steven's practice primarily focuses on depicting subtle and solitary scenes along the British coastline through a fine art photographic approach. Inspired by artists such as Rachael Talibart and Hiroshi Sugimoto, his photographic work challenges the saturated stereotypes of the seaside town and depicts themes of a meditative nature.

Scott says: "As a photographer working along the British coastline, it’s impossible to ignore the changes the climate crisis has already had on our shores. The physical landscape of beaches is rapidly changing and photographers have an opportunity to document and represent these changes. Through my practice, I’m documenting the impact of rising tides and coastal erosion through a study of rocks along the British coast. By using a fine art photographic approach, I hope to encourage wider audiences to engage with this discussion as I believe photography should not solely document the climate crisis but become a tool to ignite conversations."

Scott Stevens is a British photographer living and working in Yorkshire. His practice predominantly focuses on depicting coastlines as places of ethereal solitude and peaceful tranquillity through long exposure and minimalist photography. His work 'Horizons' was exhibited as part of his MA Photography at Leeds Arts University in 2020. Within his extended body of work, he focuses on capturing subtle coastal scenes that act as a counter narrative to the stereotypical vibrant postcard images. By combining a minimalist photographic practice and expert knowledge of coastal locations, each image is crafted to tell a unique story of both exploration and solitude.

Scott Steven's website


Photo Fringe invited artists to propose a single image to engage audiences and help us imagine a greener, fairer world. Artists were asked to respond to the question “How can photography make a difference to the climate crisis?"

The resulting outdoor exhibition of selected images by twenty artists can be found on Worthing seafront until the end of April 2023.

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