OPEN Eco: Alex Robertson, Rebel For Life, Re-Visiting the XR Gaze, 2021 – ongoing

Alex Robertson is a documentary photographer using the documentary photography format within its contemporary form by utilising it in a way that crosses the boundaries between straight documentation and honest construction of imagery.

A collaborative process with Extinction Rebellion activists that aims to provide the members of the group to play a key part in their photographic representation rather than being caught up in the tropes of traditional photojournalism surrounding activism. We establish an environment of open dialogue between myself as a photographer and themselves as fully participatory subjects, helping us combine in a way that can produce their desired representative image. It was a freeing way to use photography during such an event, utilising it as an empowering tool of self expression to create this moment with an Extinction Rebellion member.

Alex Robertson is a photographer that has developed an immersive style with collaboration at the centre of his practice. Positioning himself within the environment of his work, his photography takes on an authentic and highly contextual quality. Drawing on the many forms that documentary photography can take, Alex chooses to focus on social context and the wider political landscape within which his work sits. He also uses constructed elements within his work, exploring the staged nature of images and our relationship with photography in the era of social media, image manipulation and the internet.



Photo Fringe invited artists to propose a single image to engage audiences and help us imagine a greener, fairer world. Artists were asked to respond to the question “How can photography make a difference to the climate crisis?"

The resulting outdoor exhibition of selected images by twenty artists can be found on Worthing seafront until the end of April 2023.

Sponsored by Metro Imaging Ltd with funding from Arts Council England National Lottery Project Fund and Worthing Borough Council.