A classic utopian future often includes lifeless futuristic landscapes filled with highly advanced technology - where humanity has separated and detached from nature.

Acropetalis, is a series of photographic images that suggests an alternative future. A landscape where we are the descendants of dendrophiles, where wildlife thrives, and we become more compassionate towards our surroundings.

A space of forest dens, created by children who remain connected to nature throughout their lives. A space filled with images and patterns inspired by the natural microscopic studies of the tree bark. A space full of trees that were preserved from ancient times.

Corinne Whitehouse

Exploring notions of home and family and our relationship to the natural world, Corinne works primarily with analogue photography, which she processes at home in the kitchen sink. She lives and works in the South East of England and much of her work is about the place she lives and the people who live there.

Hayden Wilde

Working in primarily analogue processes, Hayden typically produces work that surrounds the topics of home, psychogeography and of the rural landscape. Currently obsessed with exploring the fragility and consciousness of memory when forming an attachment to a landscape.

Iana Mizguina

Iana Mizguina lives and works in Farnham, Surrey. Her work reflects on fascination with ways of observing nature and how such frameworks determine a subject-object relationship. Her work explores ideas connected to control, the commodification of nature, and disconnection from the environment. Often working with analogue or camera-less processes, she contemplates her perception of nature in a slower, meditative way. These immersive observations of flora and fauna allow Mizguina to learn and reflect on her experiences in both ways methodologically and symbolically.


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