Proof of Ghosts

Joan Alexander

Proof of Ghosts began as a blog exploring the traumatic tangle of time that follows an unexpected death. Using test strips, shadows and tracings, images are slowly processed and pursued for signs of presence. This online exhibition of Proof of Ghosts is a selection from the full project which can be found at

“Joan’s images and texts ask about the relationship between private grief and public funerary rites, the abstract prospect of death and its concrete actuality” Bryonie Reid, On Proof of Ghosts, March 2022

Artist biography

Joan Alexander is a research based artist based in Ballycastle, NI. Before completing her Masters in photography at University of Brighton she studied Philosophy at Queens University of Belfast and the Institute of Philosophy KU Leuven.
Joan uses philosophy, photography and drawing in equal measure to investigate time and finitude.
Her work is experimental and increasingly includes text. It has won awards and been exhibited internationally, most recently Proof of Ghosts at Belfast Exposed, March 2022.


Proof of Ghosts
Joan Alexander

©Joan Alexander; Proof of Ghosts; It began here; 2020

©Joan Alexander; Absent History, Passenger; 2020

©Joan Alexander; The Happy Gazebo;extract; 2020

©Joan Alexander; The Happy Gazebo; Triptych;B&W Collage; 2021

©Joan Alexander; Deathmask; extract; 2020

©Joan Alexander; Deathmask; graphite tracings; lightbox;

©Joan Alexander; Foreboding; extract; 2020

©Joan Alexander; Foreboding; Gallery; 2022

©Joan Alexander; Pareidolia; extract; 2020

©Joan Alexander; Pareidolia; Moth; B&W collage; 2021

©Joan Alexander; Pareidolia; Giclee print; Face;2021

©Joan Alexander; Testaments i Mountain; test strip;2020

©Joan Alexander; Testaments; extract; 2020

©Joan Alexander; Testaments ii Fence; test strip;2020

©Joan Alexander; Testaments iii Grass; test strip;2020