Mark Monk-Terry

This project is based on ephemeral landscapes, seen through the plastic or glass windows in a variety of protective shelters. These structures are found next to the coast and along bus routes in both countryside and urban locations. The glass has been worked by years of changing weather and those that spend their time there. The focus of the landscape is changed by the textures of these additional filters - tomorrow the glass may be replaced or broken, or more graffiti added and the effect is gone.

Artist biography

I have been interested in photography for many years and was a member of the North Star studios when living in Brighton. I enjoy working on long-term projects based in the landscape and often focus on the history and narrative of individual places – I research areas thoroughly and then look for subtle signs of human interaction within these places and with the natural world.
Walking with a camera, returning to favoured locations and observing change over time is an important part of my practice. Alongside my photographic work, I also work in nature conservation which helps inform and inspire my photography.


Mark Monk-Terry

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